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Vision care

Known for its years of trusted excellence and continuous adoption of the latest technology, ‘Vision Care’ is the market leader in eye care and hearing solutions in the country today with fully qualified professionals who conduct comprehensive eye examinations using state-of- the-art equipment to establish one’s eye sight and the health of the eye at our 44 outlets islandwide.

Vision matters to all ages!

Here at vision care we cater to customers of all ages. We understand that individuals of different ages have varying needs and do our best to provide a personalized service.

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3 in 4 Sri Lankans need some type of
corrective lens
64% of Lankans wear eyeglasses
14% of Lankans wear eyeglasses
90% of people who use a computer for 3 hours without a break, experience
50% 30%
Number of Adults at high risk for
serious vision loss:
61 million
Only 50% of these individuals
visited an eye doctor in the past
12 months
Number of Lankans with
self-reported vision impairment
14 million
11 million of these Lankans can
correct their vision to 20/40
Signs that you need vision correction
Blurred vision
Double vision
Glare / Halos around lights
Eye strain
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To live a life with a clear vision