Eye pressure

Air puff tonometry

  • Instrument/s: CT-80 – Computerized tonometer
  • Purpose of the test: Evaluate eye pressure (Intra Ocular Pressure – IOP)
  • Indications: The test may require for people who are age above 40 years, Family history of Glaucoma, Steroid user
    Contraindications: Active infection or inflammation eye condition, any recent ocular surgery which may get harm by an air puff.
  • Time duration: 5 minutes
  • Preparations for test: Explaining testing procedure before start air puff test people who are not eligible for air puff (eg: corneal draft patient & immediately eye surgeries done) refer to ophthalmologists and needy eye care professionals.
  • Side effect: Nil
  • Place: 2nd& 3rd floor
  • Which types of patients are suitable? Above 5 years
  • Price: LKR. 100/=

Pascal (Eye pressure)

  • Instrument/s: Pascal Tonometer
  • Purpose of the test: Measure Intraocular Pressure with ocular pulse amplitude.
  • Indications: Glaucoma diagnosed/Suspected
  • Contraindications:
  • Time duration: 5 minutes
  • Preparations for test: Local anesthesia with alkane
  • Side effect: Irritation for drops, Mild epithelial defects
  • Place: 3rd floor
  • Which types of a patients are suitable? Age above 5 years
  • Price: LKR.750/=