Contact Lense Assessment

Many of the people have vision problem with distance or near thing blurred condition. Therefore they need to get it correction to have a clear vision. Spectacle is the most common easy way to correct like that vision problem.

But some of them are don’t like to wear spectacle and some of them are don’t like to wear spectacle in some occasions due to some cosmetic appearance on their face. But now you can have a clear vision with wearing contact lenses on eyes and stay happily on the occasion.

Contact Lens is an optical device which use for the vision correction instead of spectacle. Contact lenses are not visible to the outside and it put directly on the black color part of the outer surface of the eye. So nobody will not understand it easily from outside view.

The contact lens trial contains few tests procedures as below;

  • Refraction
    • It is the primary procedure for vision assessment and finds the spectacle lenses power on vision problem. It takes around 15 minutes and it is recommended to bring the present glass prescription and past medical records.
  • Corneal topography
    • it is a procedure which evaluate the curvature of the cornea. It helps to finds suitable contact lens objectively. It takes around 05 minutes for completion.
  • Pachymetry
    • This test is for to measure the central corneal thickness with using ultrasound pachymeter. Examiner put an anesthetic eye drop to reduce sensation temporally till the test procedure complete. This is not performing if any allergies or infections present on eye. It takes around 5 minutes for examination.
  • Contact lens trial
    • According to the collected test information, start to trial with selected contact lens. In a normal contact trial takes 20 minutes time period and it can be 60 minutes as well if the clinical condition not normal.

There are different types of contact lenses available and there applications are differ according to the purpose.

  • Prescription contact lens
    • These are used to correct vision problem on your eyes.
  • Cosmetic contact lens
    • These are used to get cosmetically attractive appearance.
  • Therapeutic contact lens
    • To protect the ocular surface, therapeutic contact lens use.
  • Prosthetic contact lens
    • To make both eyes cosmetic appearance as equal in several clinical conditions like injured eye.

For that you need to have well qualified optometrists who are specialized in contact lens practice. Vision Care is equipped with these all the tests, devices and well qualified staff to provide a high quality service to you.