Low Vision

Low vision is a condition in which permanent or significant vision loss occurs even after the best possible medical or surgical methods. The field of vision, amount of visual acuity or contrast sensitivity can be present in low vision patients. Conventional spectacles, contact lenses, surgery or medicine are suitable for low vision patients.

At Vision Care, we use specialized vision assessment charts called EDTRS charts during our low vision assessments. This low vision assessment is a comprehensive examination procedure for patients who have poor vision in order to find the most suitable solutions.

(ETDRS) Chart

The MN Read Low Vision Acuity Chart

The Lighthouse Near Visual Acuity Chart

Low vision patient may have defective contrast sensitivity and LEA symbol contrast sensitivity chart use for contrast sensitivity assessment. Color vision also can be defective in people with low vision and Ishihara Color vision book use for the color vision screening test.

In case if there are any further tests required we will get it done accordingly.

Low vision Solutions

As low vision patients do not benefit from traditional conventional spectacle correction, Vision Care has a wide array of different solutions available for them. They are optical, non-optical and electronic device corrections which may be used for distance, intermediate and near vision with the available vision of the patient.

Clip on monocular

Binocular Telesope

Monocular Telescope

MAX TV Glasses

There are devices can use for continuous near work purpose and few of them have the bulb to get extra light. Few of them need have stands and others need to hold by the patient while doing near work.

  • Handheld magnifiers
  • Stand magnifiers
  • Bar magnifiers
  • Clip on magnifiers
  • A video magnifier, also known as a closed-circuit television (CCTV), is a high-tech low vision device that electronically enlarges print or other material and projects it onto a monitor.

Digital Portable Video Magnifier

Clip On

Illuminated Hand Held Magnifier

There are some low vision devices are called as non – optical devices which are supportive to in day to day activities with using optical or electronic devices. They are like reading stands, over head lamps, and absorptive sunglasses.

Desk Lamp

Reading Stand


Absorptive Filters

The most important thing is counseling of low vision patient who contain the procedure of using these devices, adaptation techniques to the environment and accepting the present status of them. For that you need to have well qualified optometrists who are specialized in Low vision practice. Vision Care is equipped with these all the tests, low vision devices and well qualified staff to provide a high quality service to you.