Diabetic Retinotherapy Screening

Diabetic is a clinical condition in which the blood sugar increased than normal level due to some several factors. This can lead to complication in our organs in our body. Those clinical changes can happen in eyes and that can be visible to the examiner of yours.

The uncontrolled blood sugar value for long time can cause to create some complications on our eyes. Mainly it can happen on the inside layer of eye which called as retina. There can be blood leakage of the retina and it level is depend on the severity of the complication. That called as “diabetic Retinopathy”.

The diabetic retinopathy screening helps for early detection of such conditions and it helps to reduce complications on eye as well as in the body.

This screening test contains;

  • Refraction
    • It is the primary procedure for vision assessment and finds the spectacle lenses power on vision problem. It takes around 15 minutes and it is recommended to bring the present glass prescription and past medical records.
  • Eye pressure
    • Due to various reasons eye pressure can be changed in uncontrolled diabetic people. The Pascal Tonometer is an instrument which used to measure the pressure of the eyeball.
  • OCT – Macula
    • There are some complications can take place in our most sensitive part of the retina. It is called as macula. OCT – macula test may advised by your eye doctor.
  • Fundus photography
    • The complications of the retina can be change from time to time and it depend on the status of the diabetic in your body. There is a facility to take pictures in your eye and keep them as records to know the progression with your diabetic treatment.

For that you need to have well qualified optometrists who are specialized in contact lens practice. Vision Care is equipped with these all the tests, devices and well qualified staff to provide a high quality service to you.