Vision Therapy

Is an effective and recognized treatment modality for correcting ameliorating oculomotar dysfunctions, vergence anomalies, accommodative /convergence problems and visuoperceptual processing deficits.

The vision therapy suit for certain clinical conditions such as,

  • Amblyopia
  • Ocular motility dysfunctions
  • Strabismus
  • Accommodative and vergence disorders
  • Diplopia
  • Visual perceptual disorders
  • Chromatic and acquired brain injuries
  • Movement, hand eye coordination, delayed visual maturation.

Types of staff
This is done by optometrist usually under professional supervision by an Orthoptist.

Instruments we use in vision therapy

*Macula integrity tester (MIT2)
Is an improved instrument for training and testing eccentric fixation.

Polarized vectograms stabilize fusion and stereopsis, eliminate suppression and develop simultaneous vision.

*Aperture ruler
This helps to improve low fusion and accommodative reserves, poor steriopsis, fixation disparity, suppression

*Eye port2
This helps to improve convergence, accommodation.

*Marsden ball
Marsden balls are used to improve visual tracking abilities, visual coordination, localization and peripheral awareness. Marsden balls help patients learn to control their eye movements in a coordinated, organized way.

Computerized therapy programs
VTS4 is effect for eliminating amblyopia, breaking suppression, improving ocular motor skills, visual memory, accommodative facility, alternating retinal correspondence and reducing diplopia.

2. Sanet Vision Integrator (SVI)
SVI use to improve visual abilities, pursuit, saccades, fixation stability, eye-hand coordination, speed and contra sensitivity.

3. Home therapy (HTS)
Is a sophisticated yet easy to use computer computer application that your patients can run on nearly PC or MAC.HTS methodically administers therapy to your patients normalize oculomotor,accommodative and vergence anomalies. Specifically HTS I net administers therapy and track patients performance and progress for these procedures.
Pursuits, saccades, Base In vergence, Base Out vergence, auto slide vergence, jump duction and accommodative rock